Freelance programmer jobs in Germany

  1. What does a freelance programmer (freiberuflich programmieren) do in Bayern?
    Working as a freelance programmer has become very appealing. This job is well-demanding, flexible, and fast-paced. You need to have managerial skills and keep abreast of the latest skills to stand out.
    Programmers bid for projects posted by companies. You will contact the company, present your case (in German and English), bid for the project, and meet key managers. You will need to showcase your skills and experience and do your own research to see if your hourly rate is feasible for the client. You should be able to prove your coding skills for websites, software, mobile apps, etc.
    Key roles you will be involved in as a freelancer are:
    • Marketing
    • Contracting
    • Coding
    • Testing
    • Maintaining
    • Customer relationships
    • Billing Regarding potential earnings, you can expect to make an average of €83 hourly rate. A 44hr/week is a typical workload, but the rate can be higher depending on your client, the project scale, difficulty, and urgency. Some areas such as SAP projects tend to pay higher rates.
  2. Tips to become a successful freelance programmer (freiberuflich programmieren) in Bayern:
    In order to become a successful freelancer, you should do the following actions:
    • Build a coding portfolio: Have a range of coding projects from apps to websites showing your potential customers that you have the skills and experience necessary to complete their projects successfully.
    • Build your own appealing website: Have an interactive web that potential clients can use to contact you and viewing your portfolio will attract more traffic and customers to your business.
    • Communicate permanently: Keeping open communication with previous and existing clients is an important aspect. By providing regular updates and asking questions you show clients your respect and care. Be honest about deadlines, set reasonable expectations, and ask for feedback on your work.
    • Research the market: Researching rates for different sorts of programmers and projects gives you information about rates and how to advertise your services, as well as the most sought certifications. You should work towards any certifications you do not have.
    • Adjust your hourly rates based on the current market and project.
    • Document your work: Keep a log of your previous coding jobs to allow you to go back to update them, fix up bugging, and repair errors. You will also save time and be better placed against other potential contractors.
    • Contacting clients: You keep in contact with previous and existing clients to become a permanent contractor in your clients’ database and also get good referrals to obtain new contracts.
    • Polish your English communication and technical language.
    • Understand the legal requirements and taxation applying to work as a freelancer programmer in Germany.
    • Continually check job postings.
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