beginner programming mistakes

Common mistakes you will make when starting your journey as a programmer and a developer

Learning the basics Starting the journey & becoming a programmer and developer might seem like a tremendous task but in reality, taking the initial step is the most difficult thing to do. However, after diving into the subject there is nothing to stop you from exploring the world of programming. But when entering the programming field beginners make several mistakes that can be rectified while learning the process.
The most important thing is you can learn from these mistakes and be perfect. Beginner programmers’ and developers’ mistakes and solutions When you are a newbie, it is okay to make mistakes. But when you are doing programming as a freelancer or job it will have a huge negative impact on your career. So here are a few common mistakes you should keep your eye on:

  1. Diving into multiple programming languages. It is very useful for a programmer to know multiple programming languages like Python, Java & C++, etc. However, when you are new to programming you must stick to one or a maximum of two programming languages until you get a fair knowledge of the field.
  2. The Never-ending learning process is a headache. In programming, we cannot say that someone has learned enough and they have all the knowledge. Because in this field there is no end to learning new things. Day by day there is a new thing to learn. So you must try to learn something new every day.
  3. Not practicing enough before doing a serious project. „Practice makes perfect.“ It is possible to learn something or improve a skill if you practice enough to a certain level and yes you have to learn from mistakes. That is why practicing is more important in programming. 4. Not keeping a backup for your hard work. Most freelancers are doing hard work and completing their tasks in a few days but suddenly a hard disk fails and all their effort put into the project will be worthless. Backing up the process is just a few clicks away and you must do it as a habit.
  4. Enter coding without a proper method. You must have a certain plan before starting coding. You must not do programming without knowing the initial steps. Otherwise, you will learn the wrong way which will lead to nothing but failure. First, you must research the coding method and put it all together, and think of the best way it will work. Then modify it and finally find the errors and solutions for them and eventually, you will become a professional programmer.
  5. Lack of self-confidence As a programmer, you must have self-confidence and be able to do a task without hesitation. To have self-confidence you must learn, practice, and apply common sense to identify your strengths. Thereafter you can overcome your weaknesses and become a great programmer or developer.
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